Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey Angst filled, story. Reminded me to live my life to the fullest, do not waste a second.

I will definitely be in the minority here with my review of this “must read” of the moment. I liked it, I did not love it. They said I would need tissues, but the only reason I wanted to cry was because I paid for it (which incidentally is the only reason I finished it)

Here’s part of the blurb:

I’ve been unsure about many things in my life except for one thing, that I have always loved him. Every single minute of every single day that I have been on this earth, my heart has belonged to him. It has never been a question, never a doubt”

And so begins the LOOOOONNNGGGGG journey of Amanda and Noah – born just a minute apart, and have loved each other since that precise moment. Amanda always felt a connection, always felt close to Noah and they were the absolute best of friends….so for 350 pages (I have my font on blind so my copy was 402 pages including acknowledgements) we endure the following:

"He was my best friend and I wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that. I had to keep telling myself that nothing could ever happen between us."

And Noah would say shit like:

"You've always been my girl and always will be. No one will ever take me away from you, Tweet. You're my heart and soul and that's never going to change, no matter what you say."

"There hasn't been a day in my life that I haven't loved you. I just wish you would let me love you."

And she would push him away, because he deserved someone perfect and she considered herself flawed, I am here to say that if a guy said that to me – I would throw him down and keep him forever. (Fuck you Amanda – you’re right he does deserve better than what you put him through).

I just wanted to punch her in the face.

So then we get 72% in and the Author drops her “bombshell” but Tweet still pissed me off, because she STILL DID NOT pull her head out of her ass – it took another person to finally make her see!!!!! Yes I felt horrible for Amanda (aka “Tweet”) but, I didn’t feel torn up over it – and it’s not because my heart is a block of ice. Without spoilers – I will just say I didn’t feel connected with what she was going through, and this could be because I have seen this happen first hand and the author did not pull me into what she was going through, which is hard to explain without exposing said “Bombshell”. There could have been a lot less pages about the pushing away of Noah and more development spent on what she was going through as a woman during her battle – Not to say I wanted to read more misery – I just felt it was added at 72% as a “what the hell, why not?” - And BAM over…it was so fast. . It took forever to get to the “twist” and then we are brought straight to “The end”

I did laugh a lot at the beginning about how she got her nickname “Tweet” The parts about her childhood were hilarious, this was only for a few pages – then we begin our long stay at camp angst fest – where I spent my time wanting to throat chop a fictional character.

Goodreads is chock filled with 5 star reviews, and I am glad so many people loved it and connected with it – It just wasn’t for me.