Bite Me (Bitten, #1) - C.C. Wood I do not read paranormal romance that much anymore, but was drawn to Bite me based on a recommendation and I decided to give it a chance and I am so happy that I did. C.c Wood did a fantastic job in creating Bite me, It gave me all I needed in a, humor, drama, angst, sexy and oh the HEAT!!!- You get it all in Bite Me.

Meet Donna, who HAD a great job in advertising. When she learns her boss is stealing from the company - she is, of course, fired. She is tossed out of the industry on her head and becomes a waitress. Let me tell you....I would become a waitress in a second if it meant I would meet gorgeous, but different, Conner Savage - who has a Scottish accent that would not stop me from thinking of Sean Connery's accent while reading this book :-)

I love Donna's attitude and how she connected with Conner. They save each other in this book and I love the journey.

C.c Wood has made me love paranormal again (well at least her paranormal anyway) and that was not something I thought would happen. I recommend you read this book.