Sempre - J.M. Darhower Hands down, I can honestly say that Sempre is one of the most captivating books I've ever read. I couldn't pick up another book for days, as this one stuck to me like a second skin. It gripped my heart and steered me through every single emotion, rendering me completely and utterly speechless. At times it made me feel infinitely sad but in the next breath, incandescently happy. JM Darhower very bravely and expertly brought the issue of human trafficking and modern day slavery to the forefront. To say it was an easy read wouldn’t be an accurate description and yet, the honesty and passion on how it was delivered with perfect execution, makes this book undeniably epic!

Not only is Sempre a book of intelligent storytelling but it’s visually compelling as two totally separate worlds collide together as one. Haven, despite her horrifying upbringing, becomes a strong, intelligent woman, thanks to the Demarco’s as we follow her on a remarkable journey of self discovery.

When Carmine enters this story he is the very definition of male chauvinist. He uses women for his pleasure and tosses them away...there are plenty more willing where that one came from. He leads a pampered, privileged life as prince of the mafia. What many do not understand though is that deep down…he's broken. Still grieving the loss of his Mother, his only outlet is anger and promiscuity. All this coupled with having to live up to the expectations of his father, Vincent DeMarco - consigliere in the mafia –Carmine feels like a ticking time bomb.

But when Carmine and Haven’s world collide, it catapults them both into all new territory. Carmine teaches Haven how to live, figuratively and literally, and Haven shows Carmine how it is to fall in love.

My favorite quote: "Ti amo mia bella ragazza. Ti amero per tutta la mia vita"

I called my grandma for translation and she told me it means: "I love you, my beautiful girl, I will love you for all of my life"


I implore everyone to stop what they are doing and pick up this book today, you will not be disappointed.